About Sue

Sue began her career as a general nurse in the late 70's and found herself being drawn to caring about the emotional wellbeing of the patients as well as caring for their physical needs. The transition to working therapeutically in the early 90's was a natural progression.

Sue is a qualified and accredited Counsellor who incorporates creative arts into her work. She is based in Kent and is employed part time as a counsellor in local education, and has a private practice as well as extending her freelance work to supporting agencies within her local community.

In her work with children, adolescents, adults and families Sue holds the value of deep respect for all regardless of age and is committed to supporting growth and enabling healing.

Her passion has lead to further training and she offers supervision both individually and in groups to other clinicians working therapeutically in many different genres.

In her free time Sue enjoys archery, swimming, photography, painting and learning to play the piano.