Play Therapy

Play Therapy enables children to overcome developmental issues of being unable to verbalise their fears and anxieties of their world. Symbolic play enables children to express deep emotions and share the difficulties that they may face.

Through Play Therapy children can find resolutions and coping strategies allowing a more positive outlook and aids emotional growth and healing.

The sessions are confidential and provide a safe therapeutic space for each individual child. A session lasts between 30 and 45 minutes and uses a wide variety of creative tools:

Storytelling, Creative Visualisation, Drama, Puppets & Masks, Music, Dance, Movement, Sandplay, Painting & Drawing, Clay, Plastacine & Playdough and Games

Play Therapy is a non directive approach that provides a safe environment for children with many different problems such as;

Withdrawn and emotional, Behavioural problems, Bullying, Anxiety and stress, Emotional trauma, Nightmares, Loss and bereavement, Parental separation and divorce, Abuse (physical, emotional and sexual), Domestic Abuse, Low achiever, Risk of exclusion name a few